How to Keep Track of a Roulette Progression

Have you ever lost track of a progression at the roulette table? 

Those days are over, with this simple and fun technique to keeping track.

I have used this technique many times at the casino while players watched in amazement
as my chips piled up. One player even asked me if I was a mathematician.

This system is so simple, there is no math or calculations to keep track of. 

Follow these simple rules and you too can be a progression betting pro. 

The Setup

Step 1: Determine the ratio you want to play at. For this example, we will bet on straight up numbers that pays 35:1 Step 2: Create a stack of chips. The number of chips in a stack is equal to the payout ratio. Since the payout ratio is 35:1 in our example, then the stack will be 35 chips. Step 3: Create rows. Set one stack of chips in each row. For this example we will use 4 rows.
Step 4: 
Take your minimum profit.
Lets suppose you want a minimum profit of 5 units.
Take 5 units from the stack in row 1 and set that aside. 

At this point, the set up is now complete. 

Game Play

The rules of game play are as follows. For this example, we have 4 rows with 35 chips in each stack

We will start out playing from row 1, and when the chips are gone, then move to row 2, then row 3 and so on. The row number that we are on is the amount that we bet on a number !! Starting at row 1, our bet on a number is 1 unit. It does not matter how many numbers you bet on as long as you bet 1 unit per number since we are playing from row 1. If we play all the units from row 1, then move to row 2. Now we bet 2 units for each number because the bet amount equals the row number. If you play all the chips in row 2, then move to row 3 and so on. At any point, if you win, then the progression is over. Reset the stacks and start over. Special Rule 1 You do not have enough chips in a row to make the bet. For example: You are betting from row 4 and only have 3 chips left. So you can not make a 3 chip bet on one number since you are on row 4 and need to bet 4 chips per number. Simply move the chips to row 5 and start betting from row 5, playing 5 chips per number. Special Rule 2 Suppose you want to start out playing 3 units instead of 1. Simply move the chips from row 1 and row 2 into row 3 and bet from row 3.

Advanced Play

Now that you mastered the basics 1. Each row has a stack of chips equal to the bet ratio. 2. Take your minimum profit from the first row you start playing at. 3. Play from the first row before moving to the next row. You can have a lot of fun and really confuse people about how your system works. The golden rule is: The minimum bet on a number is equal to the row number that you are betting your chips from. So if for example, you are playing row 4, then the minimum bet on any number must be 4. However, you can bet more units on a number without messing up the progression. The more units you play, the higher profit you can make, but the faster the chips will deplete from the row.